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Higher Education Accreditation for International Students in China
2019 ZSTU Career Fair for International Student...  2019-05-10
ZSTU International Students Sports Games Celebr...  2018-12-27
12th “Dream in Zhejiang” Series Activity for In...  2018-12-17
“Experience China, Explore Silk Culture”2018 CS...  2018-11-20
ZSTU Lecture on Laws and Regulations for 2018 N...  2018-10-12
“Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between Zhejia...  2018-05-04
2016”Mengxing Zhejiang” Funny Sports Meeting  2016-11-02
2015 Fall's Chinese Culture Experiencing Activi...  2015-10-26
The Dragon Boat Festival Culture Experiencing A...  2015-07-06
2015 Chinese Culture Experiencing Activity for ...  2015-07-06
Listen to me : Have a date with Chinese languag...  2015-07-06
2015 Association Recruitment for International ...  2015-07-06
School-opening Ceremony Welcome Party for Fres...  2014-09-27
President Qiu Songliang Visited Three Universit...  2013-03-25
ZSTU International students take part in “China...  2013-04-02
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