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The campus preliminary in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University of the 2015 Global Foreigners Chinese Conference was held in the lecture hall of the administrative building on April 22ed. The predecessor of this conference was the "Chinese bridge"---a Chinese contest for international students established in 2008. The campus preliminary consisted of three parts---self-introduction, question-answering and talent and skill demonstration.

International students from America, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Korea, Tajikistan and the like anticipated this contest. With the delicate Russian girl playing the zither and reciting poetry; the handsome Tajikistan and Cameroon participants performing the Chinese martial arts; the humorous Syrian player, whose favorite leader was Chairman Mao, showing his eloquence; and the affectional Congo player singing the song The Moon Represents My Heart.The distinctive personalities and extinguished Chinese language abilities of the participants aroused much applause from both the judges and audiences.

In the end, PODAREVA ANASTASIIA from Russia winned the first prize, SOBIROV MUSTAKIM from Tajikistan, RUDOLPH JEFFREY DONALD from America winned the second prize and LUNKAMBA MUNKONKOLE PATHY from Congo, HATAHET BASEL from Syria, NAM KYOUG WOOK from Korea the third. Those outstanding competitors would have the chance, on behalf of the university, to anticipate the semifinal in Beijing.


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