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2015 Chinese Culture Experiencing Activity for International Students Brought to A Successful Close

In order to help the international students get a thorough knowledge of the brilliant Chinese historical culture, the International Student Office and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs Office arranged a Chinese culture experiencing activity on April 25th; about 130 international students visited many characteristic touristic attractions, like Pagoda of Six Harmonies and Song Dynasty Town, which boast Chinese culture deposits. And they also watched the large-scale stage play---The Romance of The Song Dynasty.

In the Pagoda of Six Harmonies scenic region, students had a taste of the profound Chinese ancient tower culture and at the same time they showed great interest to the history of the pagoda; in the Song Dynasty Town, with great enthusiasm, they experienced personally various traditional folk practices, such as rice cake playing, classical magic and calligraphy lettering and so on. The large-scale stage play---The Romance of The Song Dynasty, in the form of live musical, represented the developing progress of the Hangzhou city. Furthermore, its extraordinary artistic manifestation displayed the splendid civilization of the Chinese culture, which had undergone over 5,000 years. The one-hour stage performance impressed the audiences greatly---which resulted from their deep respect and appreciation to the Chinese culture.

This activity, which not only enriched the extracurricular culture activity of the international students and deepened their comprehension of the Chinese historic culture as well as its developing condition, but also promoted the mutual understanding of students from different countries, was expected to play a significant role in the smooth development of the international student affairs later.  


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