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The Dragon Boat Festival Culture Experiencing Activity for International Students Successfully Concluded

With the Dragon Boat Festival (June 20) approaching, which boasts the tradition to eat zongzi--- a kind of stuffed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, the International Student Office, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and General Department jointly arranged the Dragon Boat Festival culture experiencing activity entitled“fall in love with zongzi” in the Chinese Corner at the friendship building at noon on June 17, 2015, with the purpose to let the international students practically experience the Chinese traditional festival and at the same time understand the luxuriant culture implication of the Dragon Boat Festival. 

At the event site, all the students watched the video concerning the origin and important customs of the festival and ate the steaming zongzi. As for students from Muslin countries, they were offered the “Muslin zongzi”---which was specially prepared by our volunteers. While tasting the delicious food, students shared those stories and legends they knew about the festival with each other. Besides, they were sent various colorful and exquisite sachets in the shape of zongzi. Everyone was immersed in this enjoyable atmosphere.

This event, through which international students could personally experience the culture atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival and also enjoyed its warmth and happiness, received warm welcome among students. Apart from that, a book donation activity named “enjoy reading Chinese books,enjoy savoring the culture” was conducted on the spot.

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