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2016”Mengxing Zhejiang” Funny Sports Meeting

2016”Mengxing Zhejiang” Funny Sports Meeting was held at Zhejiang University of Technology on 29th, October. Though it was rainy and cold, not only athletes from different universities were full of passion, but all of the trainers, teachers and volunteers were also excited.

As ‘Athletes March’ playing, athletes from 27 universities showed audiences their distinguishing features through various formations.Students oversea from our school circled around and posed the classical gestures and acts of Chinese kungfu, shouting out the slogan----‘HuoliLigong, Mengxing Zhejiang’, winning a plenty of praise and applauding.

After the fierce competition, eventually, we got the fourth prize in basketball, sixth prize in rope skipping and fifth prize in tug-of-war.

The freezing weather had little effects on athletes’ fighting will and audiences’ enthusiasm, Funny Sports Meeting was held successfully. ZSTU ranked fifth in 27 universities and won the third prize in all, which was the best performance ever.

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