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ZSTU Lecture on Laws and Regulations for 2018 New International Students

The lecture on laws and regulations on PRC and ZSTU for 2018 new international students is held on 12 October in 3N101. Procurator Zong and Shen from Xiasha Procuratorate, Vivian Chen, Vice-dean of School of International Education, staffs from International Students Office and related Schools, more than 300 international students from over 60 countries attended this lecture.


Mrs Chen welcomed everyone from all over the world, and then briefly introduced the ZSTU and International Students Office. She wishes everyone can enjoy their study at ZSTU legally.


Procurator Shen introduced the knowledge on Chinese Criminal Law which relates closely to international students with real cases. The cases on theft and drunk drive evoke every international students' awareness of obeying laws in China. Jenny Zheng, director of International Students Office, introduced ZSTU regulations on Entry and Exit Administration, Study Administration, CSC and ZSTU President Scholarship Administration, Accommodation Administration, Daily Administration, Insurance and so on. Mrs Zhu introduced Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univerisity & Cross Border Trading Town Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Center. This practice center creates more internship opportunities for international students, and also provide innovation and entrepreneurship training, guidance and activities, which facilitates the process for developing more international entrepreneurial talents.


After the lecture, procurator Zong and Shen, Gu Xiaowei, vice-director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Wu Yuefeng and Chen Minzi, vice-dean of School of International Education had a conversation with some of the new international students, concerning their study and life in the campus, their knowledge on laws and regulations and so on. In the end, everyone regards today's lecture a great success and wishes to cooperate with Procuraturator deeper in the future, aiming to create a positive living and study environment for all the international students.


In this year, our university starts to set the exam on laws and regulations in order to let students know better on laws and regulations on PRC and ZSTU.




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