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Spring 2019 ZSTU Admissions

I. Type of Programs

1. Chinese Language Program (long-term): ≥one semester

2. Chinese Language Program (Group Students less than one semester)

Courses and duration of study can be arranged to meet specific demands of the group, with language courses, lectures, in combination with after-class activities, field trips, and so on.

3. Programs for General/Senior Scholars (≥one semester)

Students may select some subjects in undergraduate, master and doctoral degree, and take the courses together with ZSTU Chinese students; or do the internship under the guidance of ZSTU professors.

4. Programs for General/Senior Scholars (Group Students less than one semester)

Courses and duration of study can be arranged to meet specific demands of the group, with specialized courses on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in combination with lectures, field trips, etc.

II. Tuition and Fees for self-supporting students: (RMB yuan)

1. Application Fee (non-refundable): 300/person

2. Tuition:

2.1 Chinese Language Program: 7000/ person﹒semester or 610/ person﹒week (short-term)

2.2 General Scholar:

2.2.1 Programs of Liberal Arts: 7500/ person﹒semester 

2.2.2 Programs of Sci., Eng.: 9000/ person﹒semester 

2.2.3 Programs of Art : 11000/ person﹒semester 

2.3 Senior Scholar of master courses: 12500/ person﹒semester

2.4 Senior Scholar of doctoral courses: 15000/ person﹒semester

3. On-campus Lodging Fee (Each room is equipped with bathroom, furniture, bedding, A/C, ADSL, etc, and equipped with a public kitchen and a public laundry):

3.1 Twin-bedded Room: 450/person﹒month (excluding electricity bills)

3.2 Lodging Fee is required to be paid per semester or per year.

4. Fees for insurance:  

4.1 Long-term Self-supporting Students: RMB 400/person·semester, covered by the university.

4.2 Short-term & non-self supporting Students: Charged according to the actual cost.

(Insurance coverage: Death Insurance, Accidental Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance for Accidental Injuries, Hospitalization Insurance for Accidental Injuries. The Insurance coverage is subject to final explanation of the Insurance Company)

5. Other fees (e.g. fees for study materials, residence permit application ): Charged as requested

III. Application Documents 

1. ZSTU International Students Application Form (Applicants have to log on the Online Application System   )

2. A photocopy of your passport information page with personal signature

3. A photocopy of your valid Visa or Residence Permit if you are already in China

4. Copy of your Highest Diploma and Transcripts (Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English)

5. Foreigner Physical Examination Report (the report is valid for 6 months, the form can be downloaded at

6. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians in China. The documents should be notarized by the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s country

7. Study certificate with class attendance record and transcripts given by your host university if you are studying at another university in China

8. Copy of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) or English Proficiency Certificates (if applicable)

9. Five Photos (white background, 35mm×45mm in size, can be submitted while registration)

10. Other Materials Upon Request

IV. About Application

1. Application Deadline: December 30, 2018

2. How to Apply:

 Please finish the online application : 


V. Contacts
Add: International Students Office, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China 310018

Tel: 0086-571-86843679                  Fax: 0086-571-86843079



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