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12th “Dream in Zhejiang” Series Activity for International Students

12th “Dream in Zhejiang” Series Activity for International Students——Chinese Talent Show is held at night of 14th Dec at Zhejiang Gongshang University.

“Experience Zhejiang” is the theme of the Talent Show, which includes three chapters and 13 programs. ZSTU international students present a fashion show named “Silk Road”. 23 students from 14 countries illustrate different styles of traditional costumes in different countries along the ancient silk road and Maritime silk road. ZSTU has been attended “Dream in Zhejiang” talent show for 10 times, which has got strong support from School of International Education and Fashion School. Splendid costumes and fashion exhibition attract all the audiences’ attention and warm applaud, which demonstrate highly of ZSTU international students’ positive attitude.

At the meanwhile, “Dreeam in Zhejiang” also held a speech competition, in which ASHYROVA GULJEMAL from Turkmenistan got the 3rd prize. Also on 15th Dec. some of the student representatives visited Cross-Border Trading Town in Xiacheng District.

F:\文体艺术活动\2018年秋季学期\11.24, 12.14-12.15 梦行浙江\12.14服装秀\新建文件夹\IMG_6232 - 副本.JPG


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