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Notice on ZSTU Freshmen Scholarship Semester Review

Dear 2019 Bachelor students,

According to the Measures of Semester Review of ZSTU Freshmen Scholarship Status for International Students, the semester review for 2019 Bachelor Freshmen is carrying on. The conditions for 2020 Spring Semester Scholarship Review are as follows:

1. The credits achieved this semester are no less than 2/3 of the total credits of the subjects chosen;

2. The attendance rate in the semester is higher than 80%;

3. The semester average score of the dormitory examination is higher than 80 scores;

4. Obey the laws and regulations of the China and ZSTU rules and regulations; Pass ZSTU Exam on Laws and Regulations; No disciplinary records.

In Principle, where one student fails to pass the review through the school and university’s evaluation, he or she shall not enjoy the Freshmen Scholarship any longer, but may apply to continue their study at their own expenses.

All the 2019 Bachelor Freshmen, please collect the Form for Semester Review of ZSTU Freshmen Scholarship Status at your academic School and hand it into your academic School before 25th September, 2020 ( students who not in China, can sent the electronic version). If he or she fails to hand in within the time limit, it shall be considerate as giving up the Scholarship automatically.

ZSTU International Students Office



附表1(学生填)Form for Semester Review of ZSTU Freshmen Scholarship Status.docx

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