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Higher Education Accreditation for International Students in China
ZSTU Outstanding International Students Scholarship Application

1. Candidates:All international students study in ZSTU.

2. Application Documents:

I. ZSTU Outstanding International Students Scholarship Application Form

II. Submit an article of My story of studying in China , focus on the feelings and experience of studying in China, including the summary of your study,  achievement or contributions in the current academic year. ( no less than 800 words)

III. Support documents in one or more of the following areas:

(1)published international influential academic papers in the professional fields.

(2)achieved high level scientific research or innovation achievements.

(3)made significant achievements in sports competitions, innovative entrepreneurship and other activities.

(4)made outstanding contributions to enhance the international influence of ZSTU and cultural communication between China and foreign countries

3. Awards:1800RMB/person

4. How to Apply:  

 Submit the application document to your own department first, the department will collect all the information and deliver to the international students office. Other documents shall be submitted at request.

5. Deadline: October 15th ,2021


ZSTU Outstanding International Students Scholarship Application Form.doc

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