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Security Management  
Regulation for International Students Accommodation
Security Management
Security Management

1. Abide by Chinese Laws and ZSTU Regulations and Rules

All ZSTU international students shall strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and ZSTU regulations and rules. Any activities against the Constitution of PRC are forbidden.

2. Religious Activities and Customs

ZSTU respects the customs and religions of all international students from different countries. International students shall also show respect to customs and religions of Chinese citizens and shall not establish any religious organizations or illegal organizations at ZSTU or China, engage in religious activities at the venues not granted by the Chinese government or preach on campus. 

3. Part-time Jobs and Business Activities

International students are not allowed to take any gainful jobs, engage in illegal employment or any business activities during their study period at ZSTU.

4. Off-campus Activities

International students are required to report to the International Students Office for approval before participating in off-campus activities.

5. Security and Safety outside ZSTU

International students shall take good care of passports, residence permit, student ID card and other important certificates and money especially on bus, in stores and other crowded places. Don’t leave valuables in the public places and report to the local police station after finding anything lost or stolen.

Pay attention to the traffic safety while going outside campus.

6. Emergency Contact

Report to the International Students Office and call the Security Office (86843110) when any danger or accident occurs or any suspicious person is seen on campus. 

Please call 110 in cases of danger outside ZSTU and report the location, and call 120 in cases of traffic accident or injury. Remember to report to the International Students Office.

7. Asking for Receipts 

Remember to ask taxi drivers for receipts in case anything should be left on taxi. Ask salesmen for receipts in case you should find the product is not of satisfactory quality and want to return it for an exchange or a refund.

8. Departure from Hangzhou

The international students shall inform the International Students Office of their departure from Hangzhou in written or oral form before leaving and cannot leave Hangzhou without the approval of the office.

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