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School of Life Science and Medicine
School of Life Science and Medicine

The School of Life Sciences was founded in March, 2004, based on the principle of offering talented individuals a high quality starting point for their studies. The School boasts a group of domestic and foreign scholars and academics well known in the field of Life Sciences, and has very strong capcabilities in both teaching and research. 

The School now has 92 faculty and staff members, with 1 member serving as an academician at the China Academy of Sciences, 19 professors ,26 associate professors,9 professors tutoring doctorial students, 36 professors tutoring postgraduate students。

1 member accepted to the National Baiqianwan Intelligence program, 1 member accepted to the Ministry of Education’sTrans-Century Talent Program, 2 memebr recognized as a Qianjiang Scholar, 11 memebrs selected to the Zhejiang 151 Talent Program(1 first level, 3 second level and 7 third level). In addition, 25 prestiguous Chinese and foreign scholars from 11 different countries work in the school as part-time(visiting professors). 

Aiming at cultivating talented students with both outstanding scentific capabilities and extraordinary practical skills ,the college has a total of 448 undergraduate students, who are given scientific guidance by their assigned mentors. The School awards master’s degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology, with 184 students enrolled in postgraduate programs.The School provides increasingly improved experimental infrastructure and a 6500 square meter laboratory center,which is further divided into separate labs for botany,microorganisms, biochemistry, genetic engineering and zoology. A specialized experimental center has been under construction with the support of the University and expectedly to put into service in 2017.

The School earnestly practices the University motto of “Virtue,Vision,Erudition and Action”and the University doctrine of “Seek Truth, Cherish Honesty”. With a higher requirements on the international development, the college has recently  more concentrated on international programs’ promotion and foreign students’ cultivation. With international sutdents from various countries as Zambia, England and Kazakhstan , the college at present hosts a undergraduate major of biotechology with English taught and all the postgraduate programs welcome talented international students with good scientific backgrounds and innovative abilities.

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