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School of Economics & Management
School of Economics & Management

The School of Economics and Management has 5 departments including the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, the Department of International Trade, the Department of Economics, the Department of Management Science and Engineering. It has 10 Chinese-taught undergraduate programs including economics, international economy and trade, finance, information management and information system, e-business, business administration, marketing, HR management, accounting and economic statistics, and 2 English-taught programs including international economy and trade (focusing on Chinese business) and business administration. 

There are 10 full-time master programs, i.e., management science and engineering, regional economics, finance, industrial economics, ecological economics,  international trade, labor economics, statistics, law and economics, and business management, 1 professional master program in business administration (MBA), 1 engineering master program in logistic management, and 1 doctoral program in economy and management of textile industry. The School has 3,073 undergraduates, 173 postgraduates and 89 MBA students. It has 141 faculty members. Of 115 teachers, 25 are professors and 46 associate professors.                                    

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