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School of Law and Politics
School of Law and Politics

The fast-growing School of Law and Politicsconsists of3departments - the Department of Law, the Department of Social Work and the Department of Public Administration. The Schoolprovides4 programs for bachelor degree, including Law, Social Work, Public Service Administration and Administrative Management. It also owns3 second-level disciplines for master degree, which contains Law and Economics, Marxist Jurisprudenceand Marxist Social Administration. Furthermore, the School is proud of achieving the conferral right of the degree of Juris Master (JM).

Up to date, the School of Law and Politics has 51 members who are playing an important role in delivering high quality legal education and cutting-edge research. Within them, 8 are with senior title and17 are with associate senior title. Meanwhile, there are 16 master student supervisors. 22 teachers obtained doctoral degrees.

Currently 998 undergraduates and 35 postgraduate students are studying in the School, contributing enthusiastically to creating a vibrant atmosphere on campus.

With respect to academic exchanges, the School of Law and Politics has spared no efforts in vigorously promoting communication and cooperation in research and education, offering the faculty and students chances to broaden their academic horizon and enhance international visions. In recent years, the School has hosted or undertaken 4international academic conferences and 5 domestic ones. More than 60 experts and scholars at home and abroad have been invited to give lectures in the school. In order to advance the internationalization of education, the School signed a cooperation agreement with the Law School, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan to providean invaluable opportunity for student exchange.                                    

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