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School of Foreign Languages

ZSTU School of Foreign Languages Studies was founded in Dec 2001, is a school devoted to the cultivation of foreign language talents, and provides public foreign teaching for bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree candidates. The school began to enroll English undergraduate students in 2000, to enroll Japanese undergraduate students in 2006, and to enroll MTI candidates in 2015.

The school boasts 6 departments and offices, 5 institutes, 1 Document & Information Center, 1 Foreign Language Experimental Teaching Center and 15 party branches. The said 6 departments and offices are English Department, Japanese Department, College English Teaching No.1 Department, College English Teaching No. 2 Department, Graduate Student English Teaching Department and School Office, and the said 5 institutes are Linguistics Institute, Applied Linguistics Institute, Foreign Literature Institute, Translatology Institute and Japanese Studies Institutes.  

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