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School of Sciences

School of Science in Zhejiang SCI-TECH University has 4 departments, including the Department of Mathematical Science, the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry, and the Department of Psychology. Six undergraduate programs are offered: applied chemistry, information and computational sciences, applied physics, mathematics and applied mathematics, applied psychology and materials chemistry. Among them, applied chemistry and information and computational sciences are key majors in Zhejiang Province. Master’s degrees are conferred in 2 first-level programs (Mathematics and Chemistry), 2 second-level disciplines (Applied Chemistry and Applied Psychology), and Chemistry Engineering discipline. The school cooperatively ownes 2 second-grade discipline for doctor’s degree programs on chemistry and physics of Textile Materials chemistry, Precision Machinery and control; 2 first-grade discipline for master’s degrees on statistics and software engineering, 1 second-grade discipline for master’s degree on Nano material and devices.
The discipline of applied chemistry and ecological dyeing engineering which cooperated with other school was recognized as top key discipline in Zhejiang province, and the disciplines of basic mathematics, applied mathematics, condensed matter physics, chemistry and physics of polymers have been successively recognized as key disciplines in Zhejiang province.

The faculty of the School is composed of 168 teachers, among them more than 40 professors with outstanding academic achievements and enthusiasm for teaching, 60% of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their respective fields. In addition,  more than 30 of the faculty members have been recognized as national ”BaiQianWan” intellectuals, Qianjiang Scholar(a high academic honor given by the Zhejiang People’s Government and the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province)and the provincial New Century 151 Talent Program and so on.

In recent three years, faculty members in the school have received more than 50 items of national natural science fund and more than 40 million Yuan research funding. A total of 800 papers were issued, around 490 of which have been featured in academic index systems such as SCI, EI, and ISTP.

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