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School of Materials and Textiles
School of Materials and Textiles

The College of Materials and Textiles (CMT) is a prestigious education institution with near a 120-year history. The CMT is a teaching-research type college with distinctive features and a national as well as international influences. In December 1994, two departments—Departments of Silk Engineering and Textile Chemical Engineering with the longest history in our university, merged to form the new college, which was named College of Fibers, and later in December 1999, renamed as CMT.
The CMT offers excellent programs at level of the bachelor, master, and doctor for students in related areas. Now, the CMT has the 1 postdoctoral research station ,1 doctoral degree in Textile Science and Engineering (the 1st level subject), 2 master’s degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Textile Science and Engineering (the 1st level subject),respectively, and 3 master’s degrees in Engineering field and 1 Master degree in Science field. The college offers undergraduate programs in five departments, including Textile Engineering, Light Industry Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Packing Engineering and Non-woven Materials and Engineering. Among of them, Textile Engineering and Light Industry Engineering are 2 national level professional majors. Textile Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Light Industry Engineering are three advantageous majors in Zhejiang Province.

Now, the CMT is one of the leading research type colleges in our university. The college contains 1 first-class provincial top key discipline, namely the Textile Science and Engineering, with 1 provincial top key discipline, namely the Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering, and 1 provincial key discipline, namely Materials Science and Engineering. The college also owns 1 national laboratory of local united engineering laboratory, 1 key laboratory and 1 engineering center set up by the Ministry of Education (MOE), 1 international science and technology cooperation base set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 3 provincial key laboratories set up by the Zhejiang Province, 1 2011 collaborative innovation Center of Zhejiang Province and 1 provincial technological innovation and service platform on silkworm and mulberry.

There are over 2000 full-time students enrolled at the CMT, including approximately 580 graduate students, 60 Ph.D candidates, 1400 undergraduate students and 10 foreign students. The college has also established a widespread intercollegiate co-operation in teaching and scientific research with the universities in more than 10 countries and regions: the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia and Hong Kong, etc.

At present, there are more than 140 faculties including 40 professors and 47 associate professors, 1 recipient of National Thousand Talents Project, 2 recipients of the State Candidate of Millions of Talents Project in the New Century, 2 recipients of MOE New-century Excellent Scholar Training Program, 1 recipient of Provincial Thousand Talents Project, 22 recipients of Provincial New-century Talent Training Program, and 4 recipients of middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution in our college.

In recent five years, the faculties of the college have undertaken over 500 strategy research programs supported such as by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (Program 863), National Basic Research Program of China (Program 973), Provincial Key Science and Technological Research Program and so on. The overall financial support is about which 15,000,000 RMB. Our college also has won many awards including 2 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, and more than 50 provincial level prizes .

Everyone in this college has been united together to achieve the harmoniousness and progresses.Our college has been honored with many awards such as the Advanced Collective in the University for more than 10 years, the Advanced Collective of Three-education Activities among provincial college in 2004, the National Advanced Collective of the Education Area in 2007 and the Advanced Basic Party Organization of Zhejiang Province in 2008.

The time-honored CMT, in the face of new challenge, are full of confidence, innovation, and work together towards the first-level research type teaching school.                                     

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