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Fashion School

Fashion College is a college with distinctive characteristics and widespread social influence of Zhejiang Sci-tech University, and it is also an education institution which opened earliest Fashion high education in China. The school set up Silk Art and Textile Design major in 1979, and set up Fashion Design major in 1982, and the Fashion Department was established in 1993. In 1999, the name was changed to Fashion and Art Design College, which began to cooperate in education with New York State University Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2000. After subject integration, the name was determined as Fashion College in 2004.

The college now has 1 PhD degree program and 1 master degree program of a subordinate discipline Fashion Design and Engineering, 3 master degree programs of a primary discipline Design, Fine Arts, Arts Theory, 1 master degree authority program of Art Master and 2 master degree authority programs of engineering fields. Fashion Design and Engineering is one direction of Zhejiang Provincial “the Priority among Priorities Discipline” primary discipline and Design Subject is Zhejiang Provincial Key Discipline.

The college now opens majors and directions such as Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion and Accessory Design (including Fashion Art Design, Accessory Design, Fashion Design and Marketing), Product Design (Textile Design), Performance (Fashion Performance Art,Fashion And Beauty Design,) etc. Fashion Design and Engineering major and Art Design major are national characteristics major construction program and “Twelfth Five-year” superior major construction program of Zhejiang provincial undergraduate colleges and universities. Now it has 1 national-level experimental teaching model center, 1 1national Apparel design of virtual simulation experiment teaching center,1 national education center of engineering practice,and  2 national first-class courses, 1 course of bilingual teaching model with national-level, 1 Foreign students English Learning course,and 2 course of national excellent resource sharing. 

The college accomplishes many national and provincial funded scientific research projects, and wins 8 science and technology awards which are provincial and ministerial level and above. The annual scientific research funds are more than ten millions, which is at the front rank of similar colleges and universities national wide. The college is the key member unit of Zhejiang provincial Fashion industry sci-tech innovation service platform, and the leading unit of Hangzhou city silk and its products sci-tech innovation service platform. It establishes 11 school-enterprise joint R&D centers with famous companies in domestic. In 2009, the fashion college was awarded Top Ten University Colleges and Departments of Hangzhou City Sci-tech Innovation and made great contributions to local economic construction.

Now the total number of teaching and administrative staff in the college is above 140. Among them, there are more than 70 people who are senior professional title, teachers returning after studying abroad, “Zhejiang Provincial Renowned Teacher”, “Zhejiang Provincial New Century 151 Talented People Engineering”, “Zhejiang Provincial Young and Middle-aged Subject Leader”, “Top Ten China Fashion Designer” winners etc. At-school undergraduate students, postgraduate students and foreign students are totally more than 2,300. The college successively established close exchange and cooperation relationship with colleges and universities such as New York State University Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Hongkong Polytechnic University, Japan Sugino Fashion College, Italy Istituto Europeo di Design, England London College of Fashion etc, which shows distinguishing feature of internationalization education. 

Aiming at cultivating high-qualification Fashion talented people with innovation and start-undertaking ability, the college established a talent cultivation mode and course system which combine art design with engineering technology, creative design with product design, school teaching with social practice, and domestic teaching with international cooperation teaching. The college wins National-level teaching achievement, Grade-2, 1 prize; National-level teaching achievement, Excellent Grade, 1 prize; Zhejiang provincial teaching achievement, Grade-1, 4 prizes; and China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) higher education teaching achievement, Grade-1, 2 Prizes; so is called “China Renowned Fashion Institution”. Eight graduates of the college have been successively entitled “China Top Ten Fashion Designers” Award, at-school students successively win “Top New Designer” for many years awarded by China Fashion Designer Association, and the college successively wins “Cultivation Prize” of national fashion education for many years. 60% of the fashion brands of Hangzhou women’s-wear industry are created by college graduates or they act as design director and technology director. Large quantities of the graduates become the technology backbone of fashion industry and the graduates cultivated by the college are deeply welcome by the society and related industries.

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