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School of Informatics & Electronics

School of Information Science and Technology has 139 faculties and Stuffs, among them 65 people are professors and associate professors. There are five majors for under graduates: Computer Science and Technology, Electronics and Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, and Digital Media Technology. There are two First Grade Disciplines of The State: Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering. Computer Application Technology is a key discipline in Zhejiang Province. We have remarkable characteristics in the research directions: Computer Visualization and pattern recognition, Computer network and information communication, Computer graphs and CAD, and we also have advantages in Image Analysis, Intelligent Information Processing, and Intelligent Inspection Systems. Our school is featured in cultivating talents. The students have achieved outstanding results in the contests such as ACM program design, electric design, and intelligent car and won Zhejiang province prize and national prize for many times.

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