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Medical Insurance

International students at ZSTU (excluding the Chinese Government Scholarships winners) are required to buy the Comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Insurance Company. The insurance covers:

Life   Insurance

Insurance amount: RMB100,000 yuan

Medical   Treatment for Accidental Injury

Insurance amount: RMB20,000 yuan

Hospitalization   Medical Treatment

insurance amount: RMB400,000 yuan

Medical   Treatment for Outpatient and Emergency:

Insurance amount: RMB20,000 yuan, limited   to RMB600 per day. (Ping An will be liable for 85% of the payment exceeding   RMB650 yuan(deductible) )

 Insurance Premium: RMB400 yuan per half year   RMB800 yuan per year

Telephone number for claim consultation and reporting: 4008105119 EXT 1. You can call 010-67185217 in the areas without telephone number beginning with 400.

You cannot get compensated without reporting through the 400 call or following the standard procedures.

International students who are sick can first go to the campus hospital for medical service. Under exceptional circumstances, they can go to off-campus hospitals after getting the written approval from the campus hospital, and shall pay all the medical expenses by themselves. If international students go to hospital for the treatment of accidental injury, they shall keep the diagnosis report or the report of the accident, case history, all the reports of clinical examination, prescriptions, list of all the examinations and medications, receipt of hospitalization expenses and discharge report, etc, which are all needed for the settlement of insurance claims.



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